Pillow Talk: Insomnia Relief Program

Description: Pillow Talk is a drug-free, audio program that uses proven techniques to unwind the behaviors, thoughts, and stress patterns that make it hard to fall asleep or wake you up in the middle of the night. The program includes 8 CDs: five 20 – 30 minutes coaching sessions, two 20-minute guided meditations to help you fall asleep and a 30 minute hypnotherapy program to reinforce healthy sleep behaviors. 



Length: 8 CDs, 20-30 min each

Author: Janet Fontana




“I found that within a few nights of the using the program I would wake up in the morning with the headphones in my bed and I had slept the night. I was like “Wow!” because I hadn't slept well in weeks, months. I feel better about the day, I feel better about everything! ” Watch Video ~ Linda Bloom

“I was the insomniac who would only sleep a few nights a week.  Now that I use the Pillow Talk program, within ten minutes I am sound asleep.  I sleep all night long. I wake up automatically. I no longer need an alarm. I am rested and ready to start my day. I have never felt better! ” Watch Video ~ Darlene Porter

“My sleep issue was so overwhelming that I didn't know where to turn. The Pillow Talk program took what I thought was an unmanageable situation and broke it up into a series of manageable tasks. Now, I have more energy, I think more clearly, I'm more relaxed, more focused. I never realized how bad the effects were of not sleeping. Pillow Talk gave me back control. ” Watch Video ~ Shauna Becotte

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